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There’s a little great revolution nowadays in Italy, as regards the production of premium spirits and liqueurs. The richness of botanicals and other raw materials, and the passion and fancy typical of the Italian character, linked to one of the strongest tradition in producing liqueurs and spirits, and moreover one of the most important heritage in the hospitality business, have all made it.
We now are witnessing the Renaissance of many lost liqueurs, the birth of a new high-profiled production of spirits, and the experimental development of new creations, which go beyond the previous makes. It’s an honor and a great experience to bring something of all this to the UK market and to tell about it.

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Born around 20 years ago, from Fabio and Cristina’s passion for food and tradition, as a typical Tuscan “osteria”, in the country nearby Carmignano, it’s been transformed when Fabio, thanks you his childhood memories about his grandfather producing home-made vermouth, has been researching the real history of the traditional vermouth made in Tuscany. Actually, the “Vermouth Bianco di Prato” recipe has been written in the first part of the 18th century, but brings out a tradition that refers to the Florentine Renaissance era. Tradition inherited from the classic Greek culture and even older Etruscan practices.
Nowadays Nunquam, a family runned business, produces more than 20 different liqueurs, using the best and local raw material, the best alcohol (often organic) and the traditional production methods (simply infusion, filtration, and time..) to make some of the finest products made in Tuscany. Between them we have the reproduction of the 1750 recipe of the Vermouth Bianco di Prato, but also Alkermes and Fioretto di Firenze, two of the 5 liqueurs produced in Florence in the Medici Family time, and some fines amaros and afterdinner liqueurs like Herbarum and Tifeo. And moreover, two special Bitter liqueurs to be used in classic or modern cocktails.

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Two different recepies to celebrate and exalt the Tuscan Juniper, consider as maybe the best in the world to be used in making gin.
GINEPRAIO DRY GIN, is a strong firm classic gin, made with three different types of Juniper berries, harvested on the low Tuscan montains, on the Chiantishire, and near the sea. Together with 6 more botanicals, they render a fine spirit, well balanced between the spicy juniper side and a lighter and elegant floral and citrusy note.
Abv 45% - 50cl bottle
GINEPRAIO ANPHORA NAVY STRENGHT, is based on the same combination of botanicals of the Dry one, but kept to a Navy Abv degrees, and aged in Roman Anphorae for a couple of months.
Its taste is just more complex and smooth, with more mineral and secondary flavours coming out either in the nose and in the mouth. Surprising smooth for a Navy strenght class gin.
Abv 57% - 50cl bottle
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From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first Brazilian traditional distillery, makes this new release, celebrating the different characters of this great attractive land and culture.
Made with grain alcohol, and with 10 botanical, 5 of them traditional, 5 of them typical of the 5 different regions of this country.
It’s refreshing, well-balanced and easy gin, with spicy and citrusy notes, that remind to the eclectic and sparklin character of the Brazilian people.

Abv 40% - 70cl bottles
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Passion for your place and for the Mediterranean shores, has brought Mr. Francesco Minucci, from Trieste, already involved in the bar industry, to create this attractive and intriguing spirit. Base on the distillation of the best Italian grains, only with a minimum part of cane sugar, this vodka has a specific fine flavor and reminds about the southern European atmospheres, nearby the Mediterranean sea.
No Glycerol added here.
Simply Vodka.
Abv 40% - 70cl bottles
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Another story from Tuscany, comes from a Chianti wine producer, located exactly between Florence and Siena provinces. From an old grandfather recipe made as an afterdinner liqueur, Gabriele has reproduced a traditional but modern new liqueur.
Based on his Chianti wine, with mainly Sangiovese grapes, the wine is fortified with alcohol and added in maceration with Orange and Lemon peels, and Vanilla barks.
It’s not a vermouth, as there are no gentian or absinth in, it’s not a real fortified wine (like porto), as it is infused with botanicals and not aged, it’s not a mulled wine, as there are no cinnamon, gloves, or other spicy botanicals.
It’s Di-Wine.
Versatile for classic cocktails like Negroni or Americano (but even Spritz!), excellent as an afterdinner liqueur, paired with desserts or even cheese.

Abv 22% 75cl bottles
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From the Mugello valley, North of Florence, the VKA Organic Vodka, is produced only with traditional and organic grains, locally grown, to have a real smooth and intense vodka.
To value the gifts that Nature gives us through its terroir, harvesting ancient grains, and the work of our farmers that cultivate for geneations, this grains with respect for Nature, is our best goal.
No Glycerol added here. Gluten-Free.
Simply Vodka.
Abv 40% - 70cl bottles
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Discovered by Distillerie Aragonesi company, this particular fig liqueur, is produced in Portugal from a family old traditional recipe. Produced by infusing two different types of Mediterranean figs, in a fig spirit distilled in a XIX Century pot still, it is an intense and elegant sip, perfect as afterdinner/dessert liqueur, but also a very balanced sweet-part in the perfect cocktail.. Abv 18% 50cl bottles
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A Classic London Dry Gin produced in the hills around Florence.
Made with 14 botanicals, all produced in the country farm near Pelago (Florence).
A very well-balanced sip, with the essenzial character of Tuscany well represented.
Tuscan juniper is paired with Orris flowers and roots, Lavander, fresh Bergamot peel, dried Lemon peel, fresh Rosemary flowers, Coriander, Angelica, Rose berries, bitter Almonds.
Distillation is made in 200 liters small batch, with carter-head system, by Master Distiller Stefano Cicalese.

Abv 43% - 50cl bottle
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Traditionally made, with simply infusion and filtering of the raw dried botanicals in the best grain alcohol, this range of liqueurs, represents one of the best connection with the modern way of making cocktails.
Each liqueur is made with one single traditional botanical/fruit produced in Calabria. Bergamot, Clementine (mandarine), Calabrian Chili, Wild Fennel and the already famous Porcino.

Bergamot Liqueur Abv 30%
Clementine Liqueur Abv 28%
Wild Fennel Liqueur Abv 28%
Porcino Liqueur Abv 30%
Chili Liqueur Abv 30%
50cl bottles
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An Innovative range of traditional liqueurs, all with a «Radical» spirit, and produced to exalt the natural and traditional flavour of each style of product.
These products are made with the intention of being ‘radical’, or let’s say different in many ways from what is usually thought of their category.
Intensity, natural botanicals, particular notes in their flavours make these three liqueurs unique and easy to be recognized.

Radical Bitter Abv 25%
Fernet/Triple Sec Abv 40%
70cl bottles
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From an ancient tradition, brought on by the Italian sailors, here’s a special coffee liqueur. It was prepared and used by sailors in the cold nights on the sea, to warm up body and soul. Made with a rhum-based spirit, it’s infused either with coffee beans and with anisette.
The combination of the sweeness of the rhum with the tosted and rosted notes of the coffee, and with the spiceness of the anisette, make this liqueur something unique and different from everything ever tasted before.
Abv 25% 70cl bottles
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One of the most surprising stories found in the heart of Tuscany. Mr. Claudio Gaiaschi, started to produce essential oils, mainly to make aromatized olive oil, which produces himself in his country estate in Pomarance. Later he discovered, adding organic alcohol to these fine essences, and bottling them in a spray bottle, that they were incredible to be used to add a special finish flavor to food and mainly to cocktails.
It started in this way a travel, searching always new flavors and experimenting new combinations, eventually with the help of some of the most famous bartenders in the world, that has brought Claudio, to be one of the most well-known artisian, in the production of alcoholic essences.

Flavors available in UK:
Bergamot - Lemon – Grapefruit – Green Mandarine – Cedar - Lemon Leaves – Mandarine Leaves – Wild Fennel – Helycrisium - Peppermint - Cardamom – Juniper – Black Pepper – Cinnamon – Birch Bark – Spruce – Larch – Cedar Wood.
ABV 50/60/80% - 50ml bottles
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was born in 2016 from the needs to agevolate our bartender job and to oer our clients a dierent twist in there cocktails but still maintaining the speed and the quality standard elevated. From this concept was firstly born the first line of BOTANICAL SPIRITS with two products: FARMILY MEDITERRANEO and FARMILY ASIA; two spirits mainly addressed to a B2B client. Together with these two products, was also born the terminology BOTANICAL SPIRITS: it was our idea to create this new market category in order to properly classify our two babies. The terms expresses clearly the origin of our spirits that are made of purely natural botanics in an innovative way that dierentiate these products from the classical canons that regulate the spirits currently on the market. The Farmily Classic line was instead  born In 2018 with Its first product: Farmily Amaro. This product is conceived not for the cocktail bar world only but has the intent to reach a further goal: our clients. In 2019 the classic line has two new entries. Firstly, the AromaCco di Farmily, a strong and firm aromaCc biXers coming from the Amaro. Lastly, Farmily Vodka, back to the distillery origins, a product sometimes mistreated but sCll in the heart of our clients. Our vodka has a characterisc that makes it recognizable in its market.