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Peter in Florence Gin



A classic London Dry Gin, produced on the hills around Florence.

Made with 14 local botanicals, all produced in the country farm, near Pelago (Florence). A very well-balanced sip, with the essential character of Tuscany, well represented. 

Tuscan juniper is paired with Orris flowers and roots, Lavander, fresh Bergamot peel, dried Lemon peel, fresh Rosemary flowers, Coriander, Angelica roots, Rose blossoms, Bitter Almonds. 

Distillation is made in a 200 liters small batch copper still, with the carter head system, infusing the botanicals in the alcoholic vapors. 

Master Distiller: Mr. Stefano Cicalese.

Abv 43% - 50cl bottle

VKA Organic Vodka

VKA Organic Vodka

From the Mugello valley, North of Florence, the VKA Organic Vodka, is produced only with traditional and organic grains, locally grown, to have a real smooth and intense vodka.

To value the gifts Nature gives us, through its terroir, harvesting ancient grains, and to exalt the work of our farmers, that cultivate this grains with respect, for generations, is our best goal.

No glycerol added here. You sip only what comes from distillation. Simply vodka.

Gluten-Fre. Abv 40%. 70cl bottle.

Opificio Nunquam


From the passion and culture of Mr. Fabio Goti and his wife, and from a typical Tuscan "osteria", 10 years ago, the first reproduction of the Vermouth Bianco di Prato, was made. The traditional recipe, aged minimum in the 17th century, reproduced by Nunquam, on the tracks of old documents and prints, was put in commerce, at the beginning only in their Osteria, later towards other restaurants and bars. 

From this point, Fabio has always developed and proposed new products, searching in the old Tuscan tradition of producing liqueurs, and the new tendencies and trends of the modern market. 

The range of products by Opificio Nunquam is now formed by a range of Traditional Tuscan liqueurs, like Vermouth di Prato, Ippocrate, Acqua di Firenze, Fioretto di Firenze and Alkermes, to a more modern range useful for mixing the most classic cocktails, like red and white vermouths, red and white bitters, a London Dry Gin, a Bathtub Gin, and finally also an "After dinner" range of liqueurs, like Amaro, Amaro Herbarum, Coffee and Licorice liqueurs, and a Sambuca. 

All made with the best high-quality alcohols and botanicals. With no chemicals added, only from maceration and filtering. Naturally, with the right timing and aging. 

Available in UK now:

Vermouth Bianco di Prato (Abv 16% - 50cl bottle)

Classic (red) Bitter (Abv 25% - 70cl bottle)

Amaro Herbarum (Abv 42% - 70cl bottle)

Liquore al Caffè (Abv 32% - 70cl bottle)

Liquore alla Liquirizia (Abv 32% - 70cl bottle)

Podere Santa Bianca


Located in the heart of Tuscany, near Volterra, Podere Santa Bianca, produces essential distilled oils, to be used to accompanying and maximizing the flavors of cocktails, with a specific issue. 

Born from the passion of Mr. Claudio Gaiaschi, the oils are extracted from the infusion of organic distilled alcoholic vapor with the botanicals, and left to age as much as necessary to reach the point of perfection. 

Proposed in 50ml spray bottles, there are more than 30 different flavors. We are bringing many of them to the UK. Abv from 50% to 80%


Gagliardo Liqueurs


Born from a deal between Mr. Marco Schiavo, third-generation owner of the Distilleria Schiavo, in Veneto region, and a friend, to be able to make a bitter more intense and bitter than the standard. 

The result is, after three years from that deal, a very innovative and "radical" range of liqueurs, exalting high-quality in the flavor and aroma, and "radicalness" in the idea of them.

The Gagliardo liqueurs are now dealing with the standard and homologated categories of bitter, fernet and triple sec liqueurs, trying to awaken consumers to different and more "real" tastes, made only in the traditional ways, not using chemicals or other. 

Gagliardo Bitter (Abv 25% - 70cl bottle)

Gagliardo Triple Sec (Abv 40% - 70cl bottle)

Gagliardo Fernet (Abv 40% - 70cl bottle)


Liquore Delle Sirene 


From the passion and competence of Mrs. Elisa Carta, Liquore Delle Sirene, was born to represent a liqueur with mainly local botanicals from the Garda Lake. Mermaids have been seen in this lake always as positive and helpful toward sailors that have lost their way home. 

Liquore Delle Sirene is an intense and bitter liqueur, to be sipped like a digestive, but mainly to be used in classic cocktails on the bitter side, to give complexity and intrigue to the cocktail itself. 

Made with 23 botanicals, with single separated infusions, it has that attracting golden color and a real intense and fascinating flavor, that hits the consumer at a first sniff or sip. 

Abv 23% - 70cl bottle

Macchia Mediterranea


Born from the idea that Mr. Emilio Rocchino, well-recognized Italian bartender, had about his homeland, Sardinia. 

In a moment when it was interesting to revalue the great regional traditions about the production of Vermouth, he proposes products that connect the Mediterranean terroir, with the classic production tradition coming from Piedmont. 

His products are classic, but with a very distinctive character that reminds to the Sardinian bush (=macchia) and to the Sardinian botanicals. 

His range of products goes form the more classic Vermouth Mediterraneo (Red/Sweet) to the fresh and aromatic Vermouth Maestrale (Bianco) to the Wild Gin, a distilled gin, produced only with Sardinian botanicals.

Vermouth Mediterraneo  - Abv 18% - 70cl bottle

Vermouth Maestrale - Abv 18% - 70cl bottle

Gin Selvaggio - Abv 45% - 70cl bottle